If you’re a parent or carer at Towerbank, then you’re a member of the Parent Forum (this is just a fancy way of saying that all of us have a say). The Parent Council is a voluntary group whose purpose is to represent the views of the Parent Forum. The group is made up of parents and carers at the school and meets once every term.

Everyone who is a parent or carer at Towerbank is welcome to express their views on anything from school dinners and homework to playground supervision and PE: in fact any issue that affects you or your child. Come along and talk to us at our termly meetings or contact Ruth or Andrea.

Current role-bearers are as follows:
Ruth Jays – Chair
Andrea Barlow – Vice-Chair
Graham Elliot – Treasurer
Emma Dennison – Secretary

Plus a small group of dedicated parents who regularly attend Parent Council meetings and school staff when they can attend.

We currently have two main sub-groups, each looking after a particular areas of interest to the school, children and parents. The Playspace group are responsible for developing the playground and the Food Focus group reviewed and prompted changes to the school meals provided at the school.

Class reps
Our class representatives together represent a cross-section of the school. We ask that they attend meetings as often as they can to make sure any ideas, thoughts and opinions from their class are put forward. You don’t have to be a class rep to attend though, anyone is welcome.

Nursery am – Mary Campbell
Nursery pm – Sarah Lewis
P1/2 – Jenny Latto
P1A – Louise Jamieson
P1B – Krysta Macdonald-Scott
P1C – Morven Wraight
P2A – Wendy Sinclair
P2B – Helen Berry
P2C – Jenny Hagger
P3A – Katherine Mackinnon
P3B – Gillian Roberts
P3C – Leslie Lawrie
P3D – Carah Johnson
P4A – Ros McClements
P4B – Joanne Macaulay
P4C – Barbara Jones
P5A – Claire Slifer
P5B – Jacqueline Gordon
P5C – Alex Boyack
P6A – Miranda Hurst
P6B – Jo Wishart
P6C – Claire Grey
P7A – Jacqueline Taylor
P7B – Alma Jones
P7C – Rebecca Pope