The Parent Council is a link between parents and the school.

We’re here to make sure that the school listens and responds to parents, and to get you, as parents, involved in your children’s school life.

We’re also here to help the school get things done; things that go beyond day-to-day school life; the Parent Council was instrumental in securing an extension for the school and helped kick off the Playspace Group.

What we do…
Act for parents
We are a voice for the parent body, telling the school and the local authority what we think of issues relevant to our children’s education and school experience.
We get you, as parents, involved in the school and your children’s experience of school.

Act for the school
We help the school to develop and improve in areas they or parents identify as important and feed into the School Improvement Plan.
We’re here to act as a bridge between the school and parents and encourage school engagement with parents.
We are a voice for the senior management team on community issues.
We represent the school at the East Edinburgh Neighbourhood Group of cluster schools.